Because I'm Asexual?

Am I lonely because I'm asexual and can't find others like me in real life? I think I'd still be lonely even if I was straight. I can't relate to the mainstream culture. I just don't find guys hot or gals hot. I don't think I'll ever understand it. I want to be a good person. I want people to like me like I like myself. Seems impossible.
The worst is that my friend told me that I'm a lonely person. I didn't think he knew that about me. He told me he could just tell. arg
I didn't think I'd feel lonely even though I am in contact with people. Going home is similar to going to the grocery store. There's people there yes but you don't really know any of them. That's how it is for me at family stuff. So awkward. My cousins think I'm funny at least. I guess it's better than creeping people out.
Straying from the point
I need friends and to feel accepted like everyone else does.
Oh god I'm human. This sucks
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hey, i hear you and feel for you, here if u need me

i know what you some point so far i felt that way too......then i deny it again as my heart starts racing thinking of my current crush!! *giggles*......thats besides the doesn't matter to me at all.........and if you think you are abnormal please refrain from doing so real life normality is over rated...........just enjoy life!!

awww that sounds similar too me :/ hugs

=[ being lonely is something people do

Yes it is.. And sometimes people don't have any other choice or options

I genuinely wish I was asexual. It would make my life less depressing.

Um I guess I can see the appeal. I have to say though that the only plus side to it is never feeling sexually frustrated. And I guess it makes some things less complicated but other things worse.

I can imagine the big drawback is it must be hard to find peoplei in a similar situation. but I tell you I don't have a huge desire to procreate, so being sexually attracted to females involuntarily sucks balls.

Sounds terrible. It's hard to find nice people. I also don't want to procreate.

Another drawback is feeling lonely since you want the emotional connection but people usually want more.

Ha. Actually been going through this. I have very few friends and j think I made s new one. I went clubbing with her Saturday and she git off with some guy not good enough for her. Now because I value friendship over other kinds of relationships that kind of stuff is hard for me to take. I just want to gave friends and hang with people but most people don't like that and they either want something from you or expect a certain person. I dunno. I can definitely relate to you as I am pretty ostracized.

Right exactly. I'm a ery emotional person, most people aren't interested in that kind of person at my age. But yeah being a virginal emotional wreck isn't great. That's why asexuality seems great to me.

Was this in reply to me?

Sorry about that. At that age I just was waiting to get older ha. Now that I'm older I've met some interesting people and tonight strangely enough I met someone who understands what I'm going through, well kinda. Yay for making friends. I hope this turns out well though

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