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I Am Miserably Lonely

I really hate this feeling right now.... i know its only a phase and everyone goes through it. BUT!!! im the only kid at home my sister is miles away.... i cant relate to my parents. help pleaseeee!
Saante Saante 22-25, F 6 Responses Dec 21, 2012

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Loneliness is the best part of life only if you enjoy it.

not all the time... its like as soon as i am alone i am sad

Hmmm offcourse not all the time. Instead of feeling sad just relax

be part of something you believe in like a talent or a hobby. what your dealing is just a breakthrough waiting to happen =D

I still struggle with a majority of what you describe. Fortunately for me I have a Tuesday night young adult discussion I enjoy. It isn't the end all be all but it has allowed me to feel a little better. So keep your eyes open for something similar and you never know when it may pop up.

There is no silver bullet for this (much as I'd like for there to be) but there's a very high likelihood that if we were in one another's company, I'd probably have an urge to share a hug.

ep is really helpful.. hope to find great company on here

we all go through times like some thing,cook dinner for you folks.clean the will love to see the house shine.

lol during the day... i do that... n m occupied and ok.... at night... loneliness strikes ... i guess i need a hobby...

there are alot of epeeps your age on here and several black men your age,they come and is a can hang on here and you won't be so lonely and will meet guys. and others.

Help? How the hell should I know .... I feel like this too often :S

well in any case :)


bear hug lol ahhhhh

I can understand how you feel. I moved away from my friends and family two years ago and I miss them every day and always feel so alone. It's not easy.

its not.... n we're supposed to be so "full of life".... yh right .... MY FOOT!!!