I Am Miserably Lonely

I really hate this feeling right now.... i know its only a phase and everyone goes through it. BUT!!! im the only kid at home my sister is miles away.... i cant relate to my parents. help pleaseeee!
Saante Saante
22-25, F
5 Responses Dec 21, 2012

Loneliness is the best part of life only if you enjoy it.

not all the time... its like as soon as i am alone i am sad

Hmmm offcourse not all the time. Instead of feeling sad just relax

be part of something you believe in like a talent or a hobby. what your dealing is just a breakthrough waiting to happen =D

we all go through times like yours.do some thing,cook dinner for you folks.clean the house.help out.you will love to see the house shine.

lol during the day... i do that... n m occupied and ok.... at night... loneliness strikes ... i guess i need a hobby...

there are alot of epeeps your age on here and several black men your age,they come and go.one is a boxer.you can hang on here and you won't be so lonely and will meet guys. and others.

Help? How the hell should I know .... I feel like this too often :S

well in any case :)


bear hug lol ahhhhh

I can understand how you feel. I moved away from my friends and family two years ago and I miss them every day and always feel so alone. It's not easy.

its not.... n we're supposed to be so "full of life".... yh right .... MY FOOT!!!