Christmas for me turned out to be somewhat bizarre. I made it through. I am glad it did. I am tired now, fighting off a cold from being around sick people who like to spray Glade around; that stuff is poison. God had mercy on me this holiday season. I am thankful for that. Now if only they would find a cure for depression and anxiety. I'm working on mine, and working. Some days it is all too much.
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1 Response Dec 26, 2012

Hi. Sorry you're full of a cold. I read in a previous post that you were going on a retreat. Did you go and would you recommend it? Thanks

Ha, ha! I think they were signs and I probably would've done the same thing. I'm in the UK and have thought about going on a spiritual retreat but have never done anything about it. I'm going to take another look. I agree, the holidays have been exhausting. I've found though that wallowing hasn't done me any good at all, so I'm trying to find some light relief on EP. Take care.

You too and get well soon.