Christmas Time

This Christmas has really caught me by surprise. I did not realise the impact that loneliness could have on me. I had planned and hoped for things that would have kept me very busy.

Christmas eve was not what I had expected. There was no one at home either. I would have in the past been away with my girl friend and had a nice romantic meal and then gone to a club or an organised party.

It looks like, it is still running..the loneliness..two day out ...It is not a situation that I would want anyone to be in.
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I think there's a lot of lonely people out there to afraid to admit it to themselves....knowing is half the battle. I was feeling lonely myself and on the way to get dinner I saw a homeless veteran begging for change. That put things in perspective, albeit briefly.

Very true. 2011A has highlighted that very point in a different way.. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Yes it is, if we are prepared to look at others.

I havent had human contact since the 23rd when i contacted my parents to tell them about my situation and that i was lonely, depressed and hurting to the point of wondering if life was even worth it anymore. They informed me that even though they have 2 empty bedrooms in their house, an empty "vacation" house and my grandmothers house thats been empty since she died a few years ago, that i needed to figure something out because they did not have any place for me. Since then I have felt so transparent that I wonder if I didn't actually kill myself and this is what hell i was sent to.

Rejection hurts. You wonder sometimes how people who are closest can do this to you. Only those who are closest to you can hurt you.

Well you already know my story lol. I know things will get better for you though...I'll try to keep positive for the both of us if you aren't strong enough right now, got your my arm around your shoulders, supporting you. :)

Thank you Lushiro. Bless you.

I was lonely this christmas too. I have no family other than mum and dad. When i was in a relationship i was surrounded by their family and friends and traditions. For the last 2 years i have just spent it wandering round my house from room to room. I hope for things to change soon x

Yes, Kay the many who are in the same boat mostly through no fault of their own.

You are so not alone in this story!
As alone as you feel, there are so many others in similar situations, who feel like a 5th wheel or out of place
I know there are so many of us that theres bound to be matches among us! We are sweet and gentle people , we are not what people think. We are usually alone because we wont take 2nd best or "settle" It usually has absolutely NOTHING to do with our personalities .
Maybe we should form a group and see about friendship blooming

Thank you. Yes I know that WE are not alone.
Why not form our own group too.. what a wonderful idea too.