I Want to Give Up

i am giving up for the time being.  I sleep and that's all.  can't tolerate my feelings. 
explodingblue explodingblue
31-35, F
2 Responses May 21, 2007

I definitely can relate to this, obviously from a guy's perspective. It's hard to reconcile feelings and emotions that are often overwhelming and uncomfortable in the intensity of their pain. Sometimes it would be nice just to be able to turn my emotions off and not feel anything at all.

I am seriously guilty of this. I am fighting sleep as I type this. I did really well yesterday, I got myself out with friends for the day and it was great. But today it's miserable outside and my eyes are feeling heavy. I know it's just escapism, it's not true tiredness, but I struggle to fight it. It's just easier to pass the hours that way and silenece your mind for at least a little while. I agree with Forests though.