U R Not Alone!

I am reading the stories and I find that suffering is part of life and we all must endure and rise above all the crap in life. To all the lonely people, be strong endure! I try to keep myself busy. Find something you enjoy, and make it yours. Try to exercise it will lift your spirit. I for example, started riding my bike. I enjoy riding my bike because it reminds me of when I was a kid, when life was simple. Being able to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of life. I have been in despair and misery was my only company. Somehow I made it through the storm. My heart is broken, yes it is, and yet I still carry on. Never give up on hope! Be good to yourself! Endure! You can overcome!
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Great words very well,spoken.

Good advice! I love to ride my bike too.

Like you I have been alone all my life and like you I have found ways to cope with it and still carry on. And in spite of your own problems you have been kind enough to post an encouraging message for others. God bless you for that. Take care

Thank you

may the new year bring you joy that you have never had, and love beyond compare.