He Seemed Normal

Wow I'm still confused I was coming from school and I was passing my my neighbors house when he stoped me and asked me why I didn't talk to him any more I said I do and he was just smiling at me he was always a nice normal guy engaged with a son. So anyway I went to the back to unlock the door then he went to then that's were I got scared he blew me a kiss and asked me if I liked it I said no. And I tryed to walk inside and he said wait I half to tell you somthing and he just started kissing me eww. I'm not even a women he knows that this guy is a grown man. I got so scared no one was there. Well i knew what was going to happen I couldn't do anything. He just held me down and went in me the worst part is how he was just looking me in the eyes its so emabarassing how he would just touch me and say ........ Things he just had his whole body over me and I couldn't move there is so much more I can't even speak off I rmember me trying to close my legs and he was just going in and wouldnt stop for nothing.he seemed so normal. somtimes i did find it stange the way he looked at me and always asked me to go places with him but i just rejected.he took my virginaty. I just can't forget it he left me being scared of men every time I'm with somone its the same thing why me? Why rape...my bf said if anyone hurt me he would kill them yet he rapes me? I want my "boyfriend"to love me not briing back memories
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3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I agree with these people, please tell someone, don't suffer this alone.


Hun...you're underage, this is child sexual abuse.
Please tell someone at your school that you trust. He's not your boyfriend, he's your abuser.
Please tell someone.

I 100% agree. Not good. Please please please tell someone. Family, police, teacher, good friends, anyone!