Monsters Love Diamonds In The Rough

Have You Ever Fell In Love At The Drop Of A Dime
You Didn't Love Him Or Her
For The Cars Or Clothes
They Showed You Something New
It Could Have Been A Special
Way You Thought They Kissed You
Or How You Can Say One Word
and There Smile Makes You
Light Up Inside Becuz You Can Say Anything And They Will Smile
a Monster
Sorta Like Bell And The Beast
Only A monster Because They Never Had Good Intentions
Yea They Want Your Body
But Do They Want Your Soul
I Gave Up,
I Told Him I Couldn't Do This
I Replayed It In My Head
Of All The Possibilities He Could
And You Know He Did What I
Knew He'd Do?
You Know Why
Becuz Stupid Ppl Dont
Need Smart Answers
And Smart Answers
Don't Need Stupid Ppl
And Just Like I Told
You I Was In Love
I Was Lying To Myself
If He FeltThe Same
It Would Be Us
I Mean I Wouldn't Have
To Wait I've Seen Love Stories
I just Came To The Conclusion
I Have To Grow Up
My Male Co-worker Hurt
My Feelings One Day
If I Was Anybody Else
I Woulda Shed A Tear At
Work That Day
But I Didn't
I Wanted To Be Grown
Iam A G
I Held It inside
He Didn't Hurt My Feelings
Like You Think Tho
It Was All Truth
He Was Disappointed
I Tried To Pay With My
I Let A Monster
With Gold Fangs
He Is Nothing
He Is Nobody
And I Have To Remember
Love Will Get You Killed
Judgement Is For The Weak
There is No One On
This Earth Like You
Know My Worth
Love God
Get This Money
I Mean It's Kinda Like
Goin Invisible For A
I Hope He Frees Me
Theres Always Diamonds
In The Rough,
And Monsters Love
Well Have You Ever
Let Me Know

HoneyHunnaCoke HoneyHunnaCoke
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013