Where Is My Life?

Where is my family? I've been a good boy, kept my grades good. Tried to keep close to everyone and to keep everyone close to each other. What do i get? A drunken brother that spends all day on the computer, a mother that wants everything done her way without discussion, and let's no even get started on my father. Fights all the time. Where is my tight, happy family?

Where are my friends? I was always nice to everyone, never got into a fight. You know those kids in school that nobody likes? They'd ask me to borrow something, and everyone else would say: "no, don't give it to him". But i'd do it, because i fail to see the point in excluding someone. I had some friends in school, but did they ever bother to call or try to contact me after school was over? No. They just forgot me. And i never did anything wrong to them. Where are my good loyal friends?

Where is my love life? "Someone will like you for who you are, they'll see the beauty in you". Bull$hit. It doesn't work like that. Like i said before, i was always nice, and gentle and respectful too. The only girl i really liked already had someone, so nobody's fault there. What really kills me is that not once, in my entire life, a girl has ever given a minor hint that she was interested in me. I can tell it's because of my looks. Pretty people are the ones that have their way. Where is the girl those deceiving fairy tales promised me?

If life isn't fair, why should i be?
ImmaSlender ImmaSlender
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

I hear you. I really understand.