The Poem For The Lonely Ones.

The wind carries my mind away
From this place i hate to stay
The sky under my feet as i sore above it all
Please dont let it end to slip back and fall
these dreams, my escape, from this Dark world in a endless abyss
the dreams like an eternal bliss
the wind flowing past me cold but gental and slow
The relief from the world of fire filled hell below
I close my eyes to the pain of my soul
My eyes so tight drip crimson tears of blood for this world in pain
The courpt world there that still leaves others and me with marks and a stain
Raputre the souls of this existence save us from this blaze
lift us to the light and let us not fall into the dark and blinding haze.
Left alone and im not the only one
Let us insteed sore along side loveing and warm sun.

(C) (on (Serch title.)
KnightOfGod KnightOfGod
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

i really enjoyed reading this, thank you for posting. i might go on and look for others

Thank you and im happy you enjoyed my poem.