Apathetic Love Seems To Be, But The Truth Is Not Hard To See.

Alas this soul of colors flowing out
thoughts inside start to scream and shout

Cant get the image from my mind
the pull too strong and tighter becomes its bind

I have lost all of which i have sought
so much fog is over this path, effort all for not

One of the most true and hardest treasures to have near
a soul equal to you and to hold so dear

Words can not tell of the story that plays out in fantasy endlessly
but in reality happens only so little and selectively

the Word stands alone or with two others
said so much but only truely ment between lovers

a word seen as mushy but sought by all
behind lies and denial big or small

where some have lost love and as possible there mind
and others of which love will still find

But sad and lost is the one walking alone in time
to be forever lost in this worlds now apathetic song and rhyme.

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KnightOfGod KnightOfGod
Jan 8, 2013