The group title pretty much says it all. I am def lonely. I sit here thinking of all the times I had someone around, and I cant recall if I still felt this way. I am alone in my own world, with my own thoughts. Watching the outside world move along as if my presence has so little meaning. I'm sure that's how it is right now. I don't mean much unless I can do anything for you. I have no one to reach out to and not feel guilty about being upset or hurt. No one to call when things seem down. I have given up so much of myself to people, I feel there is nothing left for me. Making friends in this place has been hard. Loneliness can really make you think about what you wish you had. I have barely anything I wish I had. Still, I have more than most, so complaining just kind of seems selfish anymore.
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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

always keep good hope buddy every thing will be alright , i think you should get marry

Don't feel bad and don't give up! Are you a Christian? If not, know that God IS a loving God who made you in his image perfectly. When I feel down I pray or read the Bible and I always feel SO much better!

I don't think that you're complaining.. I think you're just being honest (which isn't selfish or wrong) Everyone just needs a friend sometimes, mail me if you're ever feeling like this :)