sometimes, i find myself sitting alone in my house andstaring off into the distance wondering where my life went wrong. most women my age love to go shopping and clubbing with friends and meeting new people and forming new relationships. but i don't. not that i enjoy the many nights i find myself alone on the couch sipping red wine and reading books. i really wouldn't mind company. in fact, i long for someone to complain about the weather and politics with. but i seem to push away everyone i meet.
I can't go out to clubs and such because every time touches me it freaks me out. i dislike shopping because every time i go to the mall theres so many others i envy, everyone seem so contempt and joyful.
and so i result to coming on the internet to complain about my life. wow. im pathetic >.<
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these all people r trying to appease soothe u up from all the stress..tensions and disorders...
they r doing their own sense
but i think...if we cant find the problem..we dont deserve the solution
yes...u r pathetic...u r abnormal....u r weird..
so sure are!
i know i am sounding bitter...but all i want is a better you!
unless we are sure whats wrong with us...we cant improve!
having read ur story about all that happened to u since your childhood...being weird and having personality disorders..or mental illness is certainly understandable
all u need to do is change...
in every situation...just imagine what you should do....and do the exactly opposite...
think about watever i have said...and analyse yourself!

yeah yeah ive tried. people don't change. for my sake, please remember that.

Ahh, c'mon! If you really feel that way ...don't ya have any close friends that you can share that with? I don't find your syndrome uncommon.....It's tough nowdays to communicate face to face if ya don't live in a city or in close proxsimity (sp) with friends..

no close friends, no


First off, you are NOT pathetic.
When you tell us about what you do and how you feel, that is being truthful and real and in touch with who you are as a person.
I respect and admire that in a person and especially when they have hurt in their lives.
Most just try and cover it up and are pretending to be who they not and so please continue to write from your heart.

i'm very much like this myself.i've always had a hard time from people always trying to force me to go out clubbing but it always makes me feel terrible afterwards.i'm content being who i am and being alone but sometimes it gets to's not pathetic to be on this site, sometimes you just need to vent and the people around us can't'll definitely find a lot of people with similar interest here who are willing to talk and it really helps get rid a bit of that loneliness.send me a message if you ever need someone to talk to :)

oh thank you ill keep that in mind always

I can relate.

You are young enough to reinvent yourself if you aren't happy with the person you are; one that will obtain the intended results you wish to obtain. Nothing wrong with the way you go about things, however, if the results you expect don't come as expected, then going back to the figurative drawing board probably isn't such a bad thing :) Best of luck to you!

thank you, ive never thought about it like that. ill certainly try

The hardest things to change are things about ourselves, but if you put in the effort, you'll see that things will happen :)