Why Me?

So many thoughts and feelings running through my mind about dating.

I had a date last night but it didn't't end well. I took her out to cheesecake factory. She told me she had always wanted to go there. Let me rewind a bit.

It was another nice night: cold, cloudy, a nice light drizzle. I was particularly happy because I had landed a date with a beautiful young women(whose name will not be mentioned for sake of security). I met at the coffee shop two weeks ago.
I remember the first time I saw her. The scene still plays through my mind: Walking in and having my order taken by a cute Korean girl. She had black hair that cascaded down her back, ending in a plait. She wore clothes that were a bit on the baggy side, but the way they hung suggested that there was a striking figure under there. The best part is that she had a smile that was too adorable for words. 

Anyway, getting back on track...

As I pulled up into her driveway, I just about stopped breathing. There waiting on me was not the quiet cashier girl I had come to know so well.To keep it short: she was in a black dress that showed off a figure that begged to be looked at.  
When our eyes met, I became aware that I was still gaping. It was also made apparent by her smiling and looking away as she flushed bright red.

Regaining my composure, I got out and greeted her. My composure didn't't last long at all as she casually placed my hand on her arse. It was now my turn to flush(can black people do that?). Getting in the car, we made our way to the restaurant where we would later emerge full of all kinds of sweets.

Once there, we did the usual routine that's common in first dates. The "so what do you do" convo. We didn't't really get that far, seeing as the waitress was quick to take our order and then insist on us taking a couple's survey. Once our food arrived, I was a bit surprised at how quickly she finished...I hadn't't even made it to my side dish yet!So I awkwardly asked for a to-go box(I don't really like to be stared at while I eat, thank you very much.)

Before we left, I was sure to treat her to any dessert she liked. So there we where. Her beaming at me from across the table, when suddenly her phone rings.

When she looks at the ID, her face drops. Hesitantly she answers the phone
and begins rattling of in Korean. 
You'd think this wouldn't't be a problem....you'd be horribly wrong.

Turns out, her HUSBAND(double take all you want) saw her leave with me.

So she hangs up and looks at me with a guilty face. Guess she remembered that I spoke Korean.

So that which I thought was the perfect date ended in one awkward silence filled drive home.

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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

aw i am very sorry to hear that. life always seems to be so full of unpleasant surprises but when u learn to just shake it all off and keep on going, nothing can bring you down

thank you for your kind words :')