I Hate Waking Up Alone

In the morning it is hard to wake up in my huge empty bed. I look to my side and there is no one there, I am all alone. No one to snuggle up next to, start my day with. During the day when I look into my kids' face I see thier father and I wonder why I was the one who ended up alone.I have no partner to share them with, and I miss everything about having a relationship.Not that I would really know what to miss, all of mine have been odd/dysfunctional.But I know it has to be great and I just wish I had it.
blackcat blackcat
22-25, F
2 Responses May 23, 2007

its great if u have the real thing.i feel the same way waking up alone not having someone there to talk to or go out with but everyday brings a new beginning.

I know how u feel I'm 40 I want to be able to just hold n cuddle I enjoy a passionate kiss as well I need a young woman whom I can love n spoil