My birthday is coming up in 11 days. My mothers birthday is the day before mine. I used to love my mother and I's birthday. When I was in 6th grade, my mom and I had a huge falling out...she took off, didn't come out of her room for was the worst. Ever since, my birthday has never been the same. We don't really celebrate my mother and I's birthday anymore.

My friends and/or significant other (if I have one) usually take me out, knowing how things are in my house. None of my friends are available this year...those who don't have to work are out of state and can't make it back here.

I'm an adult, I shouldn't care this much about my birthday. I know this. But I can't help it. Last year, my ex forgot my birthday and when I finally blew up about it he took me to his friends house where I got to watch them play video games and watch NASCAR...I fell asleep on a couch cuddling his friends 2 pit bulls. Nobody called, not even my mom.

This year, I wanted to do something fun...something silly and ridiculous that I could laugh about for the rest of the year. Nothing fancy, have some fun with people I love.

Just bummed that I have no one to celebrate with. I'll be making my own birthday cake an d spending my night watching my favorite movies with my dog and 2 cats. Me and my boys...I suppose I should consider that celebration enough....
iamrae22 iamrae22
22-25, F
Jan 9, 2013