Another Soul Has Left Me

If you have read any of my stories you allready know that I am pretty stuck, abandoned and alone with no transportation and no one cares to help when I call for it. Well I spent all day today calling everyone I knew for help, my dog, my ever loyal, only friend left in the world dog got sick. She gave birth this morning to a single pup, she acted fine for several hours and since she is a small breed and it is her first, a single birth isnt uncommon. Then she started acting strange, leaving the pup to go lay in the bathroom for long periods of time, so i started calling for help cause I knew something was not right. I called family, I called friends, i called vet's and shelters, no one could come and get her to a vet for help.

As such, tonight at 7:50pm while I held her giving what comfort I could she gave a gasp, then a moan that tore my soul and left me, even more alone, with less to live for and even more heartbroken, soul weary and grief wracked than before. Only bright point, the pup is still alive for the moment, less than a day old, but someone is comming to take it and try to keep it alive.
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

i know im responding late to your post.. i would love to help you are you in maryland? you seem so nice .. im sorry about your dog mine died from cancer so i know how you feel. im so sorry i will keep you in my prayers my friend... always

She loved without condition, never judged, and was always there to comfort no matter what was going on in her life, we humans as the supposed most evolved and civilized species could learn a lot from a "mere" dog, she will be missed.

I can't imagine losing my loving pet like that.
I'm so sorry your going through such a great loss & that amount of grief.
Being alone at a time like that is even more sad.

Thank you, I called my ex, whom I raised the dog with for 8 years, just to hear a sympathetic voice and seek some comfort. Her reaction was anger that I called her, "what do you expect me to do about it" was all the sympathy or compassion that i got. So, yea, facing this loss alone is just another in a long line of blows to my life.