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I hate the quiet of the house.

I hate the cold sheets.

I hate the emptiness in the space beside me.

I hate the aching loneliness.

I hate the absence of touch.

I hate the feel of my own hands on my skin.

I hate the way my hair is wet with tears.

I hate the way sleep won't come.

And right now.....I find I'm not really all that fond of me either.
LadyBronte LadyBronte 46-50, F 38 Responses Jan 10, 2013

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I can relate

Ditto to what sinathamby said, sweetie! :)

join the club, theres 1000s of us exactly like that

feel very much the same ,can i talk to you?

Lonelyness is a curse but aloneness is a blessing

Not a blessing all the time.

Lonely you need the other but alone, you are enough onto yourself and that is a blessing,try to understand what is aloneness

I hate the noise from the streets<br />
<br />
I hate the humid air<br />
<br />
I hate the casual easy smiles of acquaintances<br />
<br />
I hate the fact that I'm on the outside<br />
<br />
I hate people walking around with a paycheck in pocket<br />
<br />
I hate knowing I'm alive and broke<br />
<br />
I hate the way sleep ends and day roars back in<br />
<br />
And right now... I'm not much besotted by any good I've ever tried to do... for I can only remember what's wrong with me.<br />
<br />
(I'm sad to know you're lonely. I'm struggling with the aloneness of being out of work and doing everything I can to find a job and not succeeding very much in spite of everything I can think of doing. Either way... it sounds like we might both be trying to make the best of a bad situation through verse.)

I'm sorry you are struggling right now. I hope you find a job you love soon. Good luck and yes - we are making the best of our situations.

you will love the freedom
you will love the quietness
you will love the peace
you will love the strength you didn't know exist
you will love the YOU for a change

Sounds cold and lonely,so sorry you feel that way.

Thank you. I don't feel that way as much these day. :)

Good to hear that.

You are not alone though you may feel that way. Talking about it is the only way of reaching out and when you do you'll see we are all here. :)

:) True, but thankfully it's not as bad these days.

I hate coming "home" to a cold quiet place too. :(

Yes - I know what you mean. Check out my story "The House on the Corner". That's usually my experience of coming home.

i dont know what to say to ease your loneliness ? as each of us are lonely i our own way, ive been on my own for 12yrs ,its about finding inner peace and serenity , although im stillon the outside looking in x

I don't think there are any words that take this kind of loneliness away, but it sometimes helps to know you aren't the only one feeling this way. I hope you find that 'fix' you are seeking. Hugs ~

Wow that's definitley how I feel right now.

I'm sorry. Hugs ~

So many lonely people on here, I hope you will find friends to ease your pain.

Thank you.

I understand...


To you as well, my dear..

Thank you.

I'm sorry u okay I hope u fell better soon

Thank you.

Your welcome u need it

I feel the same way! The pain doesn't stop,The loneliness never fades and the "it was all my fault" thoughts won't stop invading my mind.

Sorry. Hugs~

I wish I could give you a hug right now

Thank you. :)

alone how much time u can pass? .i know how can time is boring.

Thanks for your comment.

i know how you feel , you will get passed it , everything will be alright :)

Thank you.

I know just how you feel.

I'm sorry. Hugs ~

hey lady bronte...i have felt your pain and tasted the salty tears of depression before...after my divorce, i was consumed with sadness...wading in a pool of self-misery...then i turned my faith 2 God...and he delivered me a beautiful wife in 2002...and we've been married 4 over 11 years now!....good luck 2 u with your faith...may u seek love and light")

Thank you.

thank u moonlitocean!

You know? everything that happens to us is because we can overcome , life put us test, to be better persons, so think what you have to learn about these experiencie and overcome the situation, I know you can do it. Smile because inside of you its everything that you need. =)

Thanks for your comment.

Loneliness put to poetry. May you find what ever it is you need to break this spell.

Thank you, Sandy. I appreciate that.

Really nice. I love that!
Now I know I'm not alone.
Can I share it with my friends?

Thank you. No you aren't alone in this. Here's the link to share if you'd like.

Thanks dear

You're welcome.

Me to,i turned to speak but remembered im alone.But always remember there are so many of us in the same boat and being on ep allows you to see so.

Thanks. Yes, it appears there are many of us.

I like you I know you don't know what to do your good and brave I used to be to it's okay

Thank you. :)

Very nice, and very familiar.

Thank you. :)

you are not alone. your day will come. the best way out is through! be strong! love yourself no matter what!

Thank you. :)

Thankyou for helping me to realise I am not alone with feelings of deep and desperate lonliness.

You're welcome. And no, you aren't alone.

Thank you for sharing what you have been thinking and feeling. Lately I have been struggling with a sense of sadness and loneliness. I appreciate how your words mirror some of my experiences. Hopefully this difficult time will place for you soon.

Thank you. And you as well.

It can be very lonesome when you just lie down and start thinking about it..the things around your home may help to get you out too.

Yes, it is. Thank you.

self realization, the realist

A realist to the bitter end.

The only way to change it, Is to realize it.


Your writing is magical least you Are able to express it.. I cannot yet.. So many have no understanding .. And for those that don't cant blame them. They have not have the exerperice thank you for ur words .. I'm not alone

Thank you. The words will come when they are ready. Take care. Hugs~

I can relate to it, but when I moved out of my Mom house my coinfendince went up

Good for you. I hope things all work out for you.

Yeah, tell me about it. Whoa, you are the first person I've talked to in a week.

I like who are u I want to b your friend

My Bobby DeNeiro impersonation, "you talking to me"?
Pardon my ignorance but I can't tell if a response is to me or not.

Me too. At 4 am I am reading your poem(?)

At 4 am, I am answering your comment. Sleep is hard to come by these days.

Search your self for the causes of not regret any act.we just end up sympathising ?very well put up thoughts .

Thank you. I appreciate it.