Diamonds Vs The Monster

Attention Is A Powerful Thing
When Somebody Gives It To
They Hold You Interest
You Can't Get Em
Off Your Mind Its like
A Ball Cap Of Some Sort
He Won't Leave Me Alone
One Kiss
One Stupid Kiss
To Touching
His Hands So Rough
But So Caring
Man Hands
Brown Hands On My Lite Skin
I Sinned
I Sin
I am Human
For We Are On A Break
Oh How I Want Him
But The Demons
He Has Are To
Much For My Face
They Dont Like Me
They Scratch Me
They Taunt Me
He Watches Me
Who Is he Really
He Had To Be A Wolf
In Sheeps Clothing
What Did Jail
Do To Him.
How Long Does he Actually Think
This Can Go On
Until He Gets Me
Pregnant I Guess
Of Course Then
It Would Be To Late.
To End A Sin
Is The Hardest Thing To Do Because Its So Easy.
To End That Stare
For Me I Dared
Idk Who Jesus Has
For Me To Be In
Love With
But This Monster And
God Are Not The Same
This Monster With
Gold Fangs Is Sin
I Figured It Out
He Win
He Won
I Know I Dont Do We'll With
So I Told Him
When I Shoulda Told
Him skate
Im Gonna Ruin Myself
And His Gonna Let Me
He's Gonna dream About Me
Until He Can't Breathe
For He Told Me I Belong
To Him
With No Play In His Voice
So I Had To Stop And Press Record
To The End Of Rough And The Beginning Of Diamond
Im Gonna Win
Or Die Trying
Cuz Diamonds Dont Like
They Dont Need No
Got Damn Friends.

HoneyHunnaCoke HoneyHunnaCoke
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013