My Enemy

I lost a girl that I love, she was not able to love me anymore.
Long story short, I have lost my best friends, I have a scarred past, I have a partially ruined future.
She was not at fault.
I couldn't blame her for this path I'm in now.

I can get back up, but my heart is pulling me down.
"It's nice down here,
you don't have to think,
you don't have to worry,
nobody will hurt you ever again,".

Face reality.
I will live my life.
I will fight.
But in me there will be a monster.
He has been growing since the first lie she had told me.

I suppress the monster by taking pills.
It bleeds when I slit my wrists.
I'll make sure he will die.
He is my enemy.
My enemy is the inner me.

I will make sure my monster dies.
He WILL die.
I will die.
SlitSyndrome SlitSyndrome
18-21, M
Jan 11, 2013