Everyday for the past 6 months I've thought about suicide and i think i'm coming to the point where its time to do it and not turn back. but i doubt anyone cares i just had to get this off my chest
KeezyDerp KeezyDerp
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

i've been where you are many times. for me any way the depression and self destruction was brought on by the rejection and out right hatefullness of others. from that point on i was determined not to give in to my depression and loneliness. **** them I am not going any where! I will not let you win! I am going to stay here and be a thorn in your side.
there is a hurt in you, something driving you to this point of despair. turn that hurt and anger outward. it will give you a reason to live until you find that special someone.
talk to me friend, share your hurt and i will share mine. telling others your pain and listening to theirs will give you strength. you will feel needed, you are needed, i need you.

...Or time to go get some help...depression's a pretty treatable illness.