I HATE been alone i just cant stand it i lik just drink till i passout lik wen im around people it distracts me from everything so i lik to be aroumd my freinds all the time ha i just hate been alone most of all in the nite i feel so alone i cud almost get sick when nobody stays at my house wit me lik i dnt no i just love havin sumone xxxxxxxx
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

The human psyche has complex ways of protecting us from our own emotions. The loneliness you feel is a way for you to avoid confronting an underlying fear you are unaware of. You may have experienced abandonment and fear experiencing it again so you distract yourself by thinking you are lonely and want a friend when in fact you are scared. You might want to try questioning your feelings to unravel the true source of your loneliness or get a therapist to help you.

Thank what do you mean im scard lik of myself ? Xxx