The first time i saw ***** come out was from my step brother. I was 7 and he was 14. After kicking my step father and finding out about balls i had to know more so i just walked into the shower with my 14 year old step brother. I got some soap and started washing his back then slid my hands around and washed his stuff and he got real hard. I turned him around and washed his balls which let me feel them real good (for a long time) I was so shocked at how big his balls were and his D*** too. I felt how tender his balls were when i squeezed them or was too rough with them. When I washed his D*** he immediately shot it all over my chest, it was hot. He explained it to me and that it came from his balls and what it was for. He also told me that I could not get pregnant because of my age, that was interesting. I played with his balls for a long time after that and it turned out to be the longest shower ever because I had to see how many times he could shoot it out. (4 times total) and I had to build him up each time (recharge him). I was more careful not to kick him or any other guy hard again because I understood how tender they were. But i did regularly put guys in their place with sac taps and gentle kicks which left them on the ground for up to 15 minutes. I made it a point to find out how young I could make a guy shoot *****, even before their balls started to grow big.
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You can play with mine if you like. Xx