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I feel so desperately lonely. For ages now I've been roaming the internet in search of a friend. Someone to be my best friend for life, but with no success. I know there's someone out there right now who's just like me and feels equally lonely. Someone I can share my problems with. Someone I can confide in. Someone who can help me get through life. Someone who listens and understands. Someone who shares my interests and aspirations. Someone I can relax and spend time with. Someone I have a lot in common with. Someone I can love, and who loves me in return.
Please, how can I track down that one person who's more like me than any other? Is anyone reading this able to recommend any services, online or not, that seek to match people up for long term friendships? I've already tried and it proved disappointing. I see plenty of websites that claim to help you find your soul mate yet none dedicated to helping you forge long-term friendships. Is there anywhere where I can meet like minded-people? Who are looking for a similar friendship? And allow me to be selective and specific in what interests, qualities and characteristics I want my friend to have?
Any help here would be enormously appreciated. Thank you!
Anim8orGuy Anim8orGuy
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3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

I noticed that you're a teenager, I wondered if you could join some clubs at school, perhaps a sport (even volunteer to help out with teams if you're not sport's oriented), church youth groups, support groups, maybe a teen bowling league, classes such as karate, woodwork, etc'. As far as Internet friendships, I'm not sure I've ever had a successful one. Forums, such as this, increase your chances of connecting with folks on a more meaningful level (I believe). Good luck...I hope you keep coming back here and allowing us to get to know you :)

Honestly, finding an internet friend can the easiest task for some, and the hardest thing (ehmem us) for others. I have met a few friends, none truly close, through the social networking site twitter. Guaranteed someone will find a common interest. Really you just have to join as many social netowrkings and hope for the best ! Also, it wouldn't hurt looking for one in real life, maybe? :)

Sureeee! Why not :)

Facebook...but it does in my opinion more harm than good. This site right here tho...will help you find friends like you. But we are not all close. We sit at different corners of the Earth. Because of our wants to find a real friend, we do not mind. If you want I'll be willing ti talk to you. I can't promise yoy that I'll be on this site whenever you want to talk. But what I can promise you is that I'll always be willing to listen. :)