I Feel Like I Deserve To Be Lonely

When I look back I wish I could change alot of things . How my times can your heart hut you wish u were dead . I would be better off hanging myself from his gagarage that reads now you and your daughter will be happy .
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Nonsense, nobody deserves to be lonely, everyone deserves to be loved including you.

Leave the note "are you happy now", but burn the garage instead. Being an emt he might even show up with the fd.
Ok, just kidding. Did you smile though?
Wanting to leave and not being able to is not an enviable situation. I have been the one left and my ex's didn't have a problem running out the door. Of course they had greener grass to run to. And they knew cheating was the deal breaker for me.
Sorry, I'm venting because I'm lonely and feel like crap surfing this site on a Friday night.
I don't know how many times one person can have their heart hurt and wish they were dead, and NOT actually do it. For me, I think I'm on the fence this time. With the support system I have, I should already be dead. I try to view that as some sort of inner strength but I'm just BS_ing myself.
Sounds like you're a veteran of heartbreak (like me) and you're still here. That's an inner strength (I know, the same BS) haha. Oh, I mean lol.
I don't believe anyone deserves to be lonely, but of course I'm biased (and lonely).
How's that for a rambling response? Anyway, keep your chin up. It gets better. At least that's what I'm told. Yeah, I'm having a hard time believing it too.