There are so many stories on here about how lonely people are and it just makes you think that we aren't alone in being alone.
(The song Message In A Bottle by The Police really describes this).
But yeah I never thought that I could feel lonely when I was 13 but it consumed my whole life. There wasnt anyone I could relate to at my school so I isolated myself. That just led to people thinking I was weird because I didn't trust people enough to talk to them. My loneliness led to my depression, anxiety and self-harming.
Now I'm 16 and at a different school but I still face the consequences. There are some very supportive people there and one of my teachers tries especially hard to bring me back out of my shell but you get so use to being alone, even when you dont want to be.
I'll always feel alone but I just want us all to escape from that hollow feeling that makes it feel like your heart has been ripped out. Because the people around us think we like being alone, when really we are crying out for a friend :(
The2ndLaw The2ndLaw
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2013