Miss My Daughter And Grandchildren

I am self sufficient. I walk to work a mile when it is still dark. Hoping nobody the drug users will see me. That isn't the real problem. I have nobody I can talk to about the world problems, politics or anything., I had a friend for years, but her constant drinking made it impossible to be a friend since she couldn't remember the next day how mean she was when she was drunk. So, I have cousins. I never realized how different in my thinking from them I am So I work with people I have to. Can;t discuss anything with them. I read a lot there is nobody to share what I have read., Nobody to share when I see a good movie. Both my parents are passed and my brother. So my immediate family is my daughter and grandkids. I didn't get to see them Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years. I am hoping this weekend I am off work they will come weather permitting. I admit I am jealous that they go to visit others, and leave little time for me
granbebbie granbebbie
56-60, F
Jan 13, 2013