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Ever Just Needed Someone To Talk To?

I have spent all day feeling so lonely... This is not a new feeling but today is worse than ever for some reason... I have spent most of the day trying to find someone to talk to... Even played words with friends and said hey to random people...went to chatrooms where i felt totally out of place...then tonight i looked again and found this website... I decided to join and this is my first time writing. I feel silly but just am tired of feeling so lonely. I just want someone to talk to about anything... The topic doesn't matter... Just knowing that someone is willing to talk would be great. I have no clue if this is even what i am suppose to do on this site but it beats not trying anything...
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Some people on here like chatting, others like to write stories, some prefer questions. It is a cool place: You just have to give it some time. People in real life do seem so detached now a days. I was nice to a man walking his dog with very little response and waived to a truck driver before crossing the street this morning. Sometimes it seems to me only the meaner people have people to hang out with. Message me if you want to correspond, but I am a bit different in a nice sort of way.

There are many nice people here who will lend their ear to you.

All the best.

I absolutely feel the same about this site and some wonderful people.

hellow its me again! I lost you but found you again. Hope all is well with you? Hpe you are warm it is really cold here. I know you all think it is always warm here but it had a frost last night. With all the humidy you really feel cold. Yes the bus got fixed but its acting up some more. I have taken it out of service but will try some more. Well I guess the big thing this weekend will be the foot ball game. All these bars and restrants are expecting a mob sceam. You going out yourself? Iam staying home.. The flue is really taking its toole here. A lot of children home from school. Charlie the bust driver was out all week so you know got elected to drive morning and afternoon..I hope he comes back monday.. I really dont like being on the road at 6am with a load of kids..But they are usually half sleeping so its is not too bad.,Well I have to go now I am going to a party at park. at one oclock. Have a nice weekend I will let you know what happens..Keep warm

well it looks like we are going to get some cold weather. It was 46 in the tampa bay this morning.. I bet you are getting the same? They still have the bus in the shop.. Principal is not around and they need that bus for tuesday 40 kids are supposed to sing the national anthen at another school. She is going to have a hissey if there is no bus????Oh well such is life. Nothing much around here lately..Sat there is a parade where the people go nuts in tampa..They have boats and they take over tampa bay..It is one booze bust. They have toned the drinking because these people really get drunk.. Well hope is all with you? Have a nice day. Binkeyboy

I was going to answer you but we had some problems First off we had some cold weather. You know what us floridia boys think what is cool. When it hits 45 we dont like that. Second the buse I set up to get the transmition fixed has falled. They called me up and said somthing is wrong. I took it for a ride and the driver was correct..It does not shift correctly and bucks a bit when shifting. Well I took it back to the installer and we wen for a ride and he said you are correct. I left the bus wilth them. We are off tomorrow for martin king. So lets see what happens..The principal was not in fri so she will love this when she hears this! They get all excited when somthing happens. How is the weather in alabama? Its getting cold then hot here. We are spoiled in florida. When it is 50 we are cold.. Yes some of these kids are really cute..I get a kick with the kindergarden kids. I have 8of them I pick up at one school so they are on the bus for 10 min.They will tell you all kinds of things. They tattle on each.. on the bus. Jimmie has gum stuff. then the argue who is going t so I sort of slap himo sit with who. I have one that is the problem in the school. He is big for his age and they have a lot of problems with him. He wants to fight me so I sort of slap him..I chase him around in the yard. I asked hi if santa left him so presents and he said no..I told him that I told santa about him..Lots of fun!!!! Well its 6pm and its starting to warm up here. It was cold and damp with high humity..Nice and damp..Wdell I am going to let you go. Do you have to work tomorrow? There is no school tomorrow. Nice to have a three day weekend,,,.. Have a nice day Binkeyboy

Yes I do like working with the kids. They are all pretty good kids it is a elementry school and middle school. We have about 300 kids.. We have three school bus that run and one spare.. The little kids are a lot of fun. they are kindergaden and 1& 2 kids. You can have a lot of fun with them..They all know me and ther are times in the yard when I am fixing the buses when they come over to ask what I am doing.. They get a kick out of the size of the brakes..I work when I am needed or when I feel I have to do something for them. I also drive when somebody is sick or missing.. its ok but sometimes they really get wild.. So what do you do in the doctors office? You must get to meet some people that are really nuts.. I have heard some of them when I go for glasses.W and we will do it againell let me go I am going out with a friend to the wing house tonight.. Thanks for coming back binkeyboy

There are times I feel this same way. Just the need to have someone actually really listen and be there for you. But there are also times when I just want to have quiet, take the time to sit back and think...

well I see everyone wants to help you Lets break the Ice. Your picture looks like you are a real nice young lady. Thats a plus. Do you work? What state do you live in? I live in florida.Yes I am retired but still work at a school. I am their mechanic for their buses and I also drive the little darlings when they need a sub. Lets get the ball rolling Binkeyboy

i feel the same way as you feel, feel free to message me, im new here too so i don't really know how this ste works..

I'm so glad lots of people want to talk and listen to you :')

It's not letting me message you except here, but just wanted to say I hope you're ok.

Doing good. Getting over some flu like virus of some sort. Even getting over the cough now, so doing real good. Hope you escape the bug that's been going around. You making lots of friends here?

So it sounds like things are looking up for you then? I sure hope so. So, internet trouble, huh? That can be frustrating, I know. As for me, I'm doing great this week.

i am here if you need someone

I feel the same way, im always lonely but my life is going good, but even though i see that with my own eyes my heart is saying its all over.

i have those days too, :( i am also new to this site actualy your story is what made me join!!
i hope your days get better, you can chat with me, but like i said "i am not really sure how this works.
love and light


Always happy to chat

This is a great website u can express yourself to the fullest.

Loneliness seems to be a growing phenomenon these days, and I can't figure out why. But welcome to EP, it seems that there are many nice folks here.

I also joined for the same reason. You can talk to me if ever you feel like it. I too, have felt very lonely the last couple of months, but it gets better everyday. But there are still days when my depression gets really bad, but I try to cope with it.

If you are wanting a ear to talk to and a shoulder to lean on than i am here to be your support

You, or anyone else who'd like to talk is free to add me... Just remember all should be decent and don't offer to show yourself naked on cam or anything of that sort.
Oh, I'm a good listener, and I'll be glad to give you my time whenever I have time so we can talk.

Just joined for the same reason. I'm old enough to be your mother, wish I had some motherly advice, but I'm feeling a huge void in my life..even though some would say I have it all!
Days go by without my phone ringing, except for many people have turned to email and FB...I prefer the human voice where you can hear the nuances of what someone is saying. To share, the good the bad and the ugly. Trying not to feel sorry for myself. I found this site and said what the hell, give it a try. So anytime you want or need I'm available. I have two daughters a little older than you, so I'm sure I'll be able to relate.

You would be right, its terrible feeling lonely. I am married, and i feel so alone a majority of the time. All i really need is someone to talk to, some one who simply cares enough to listen. I have two big ears so all you gotta do is find your voice and speak up.

Hello honey, I'm listening....

If you need someone to talk to, you can always send me a message :)

anytime you feel lonely speak out speakup there are people that wants to listen anytime you would like to chat send me a note i'll keep an eye open for your needs i also feel lonely even though i have people around me i felt abandoned at ten and left home at 14 never went back please write

Welcome hope you found people if you ever want to just drop me a message and hope today is going good for you

Well this is crazy I have found this site 30min ago and I don't even remember how ..but I feel like I'm home already.. people, do you all realize that we are not alone anymore since we are all together commenting this post? Feel free to add me as a friend anytime..i love to chat even if my english is not that good.

I am so loneley to I love to meet new people and chat

I can empathize with you. if you want a ep friend ,I happy to be 1 for u