Why Am I Always Overlooked?

Nobody talks to me. Nobody asks me how I am, or tries to get involved in my life. Why? I go to chatrooms, so I can talk to people. Anyone, about anything. Or just vent. Nobody even bothers with me. Do I come off mean? Unlikable? or am I just invisible? I feel so alone. And I keep trying to connect, but I don't know how. Is it me? Is it them? It must be something I'm doing wrong, right?
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Hi how are you today? Xx

I used to have the same problem. Still do to a degree. My old workplace I worked with a bunch of people my age and I always tried to immerse myself into their conversations and lives, simply by saying hi to them daily and getting in on their convos. Well I'd get in on the convos just fine, well, sometimes I felt mostly ignored, but even so sometimes I'd be well included. But still I was never cool enough for them to invite me to their parties or hang out or anything. I did have a friend who hung out with them and he'd get me to the parties sometimes. And STILL I was mostly invisible and not cool enough to talk to. I tried.

Where I work now I work with a bunch of older people. 30s and 40s. They adore me. It's a nice change but they're not my age, got kids and all that so not really hang-out-able. Though when they talk about going out for drinks sometime they say I should join them.

Still though, the few that are my age want nothing to do with me.

You know I am older. I am sure you are a great person. I will talk with you anytime you need me. I am lonely because my only immediate family is liviing somewhere else. I have a lot of acquaintences in this town. I go to restuarants and always bring a book to read. I keep one in my purse. I would like to help you

I've felt like that more often than I'd like, that's for sure. So I'm right there with you, and it sucks.

Hi! How are you WhateverFace?

It's okay. We all feel like that at least sometimes. Well, I do anyway.

You can always say "hi" back! ;)

Hello. :) How are you?

Hi hi hi! I'm doing okay...Hope you're feeling better

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