Lonely And Need Someone To Just Share My Feelings. You Can Be Lonely Even If You Know A Lot Of People

I am lonely because I have realized even though I know a lot of people. I hae to talk to them in their way. I have nobody to discuss important things, like how I feel about gun control, the president, or about books I read and the importance of some of them. I seriously don't have anyone I can carry a realatively normal conversations. I watch movies that are sleepers, were not really proper but are really great, and would like to talk about that. I also live alone, which I have done for a long time. I have a dog named basil and a cat tiggers. They are what helps me. I am personable and people like me. But that does not help when lonely. Working at a job I hate because I have to as at this age people will not hire you, when they see your age. I have done every kind of secretarial job there is. I know computers. But, in this town, I am now working as a Kitchen aide. Work with people that are well, I can't even describe. I walk to work as I have no car. It is dark, and now cold. But I have learned to adapt and handle what I have to.
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sorry you are so sad...:(...i know what its like to have a job you hate...i have 2 jobs i work 7 days a week and hate it..i hate every minute of it....i have so much passion and art in me and i cant express it ,,, its like all the life and fun and artistic me has been squished into a nobody in cubicle with people i dont relate to...i have an idea of how your feeling...i do have animals to...a dog and 4 cats and a recently aquired guinea pig (the cat found it)...i have a partner but he doesnt really get me if you know what i mean....one daughter off to uni the other is at college....i dont feel lonely i like the peace and quiet and i find happiness in my own company...maybe thats something ive learnt...its nice to discuss a good book or a good film though...i love movies, and books theres a whole new world in them ...also have you tried joining a group like a dance group or a fitness class?...i go to zumba 3 times a week and have met some lovely people that way?...failing that you can always chat to me :) be happy dont be lonely :)

Thanks I am content basically. I would like some intelligent conversation though

so whats on your mind ?