I Have Never Felt More Lonlely And Unimportant

I just realised how unimportant I am.
Have you ever just stop what you were doing and thought about the fact that you are completely insignificant. That you could fade away and no one would notice. No one would care. I could walk out of my room,leave my house, close the door and just not come back. There would be no one that would try to look for me because I have no one who cares. I am so alone.
Butterflycutter Butterflycutter
18-21, F
4 Responses Jan 14, 2013

I'm not there for you, but I'm here for you if you need to talk

Hi girl! It is impossible to really know what we mean to other people.It sounds like you are in a cold place right now, but this is a temporary situation. It will not always be this way. But the self-harm thing - that, in the long term, tends to isolate you due to the scars and external signs. When you do that, your loneliness and isolation become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Put your best look on and face the world. There are mean people in it who would hurt you, but remember that those people are far more miserable than you, and they are to be pitied, because they think so little of themselves that they have to put other people down to have any self-worth. You are special and worthy. Never forget that,

I can sense you r feelings, as I too feel no one has that special emotional, loving, caring feelings for me. Life feels empty without that special someone. At least feel I am not the only one. Feels good writing here. Hugs for the day.

No one is unimportant.. you could be everything to someone. Sometimes it just takes a little patience. Hang in there and give yourself a chance.