She said hi to me when I was going towards my school. I said hi too and just walked away.She is the only girl to do so, its not that I did not like her but could built up courage to talk to her saying more than a hello. 6 years have passed from the and I have put on weight ,looks more ugly. I abuse myself of now getting courage to talk to her. I wish I would have her as my friend. Now I just alone sitting dark room.
lostlife94 lostlife94
22-25, M
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Sigh. Chances are hard to come by. If you are willing to get better. I suggest you lose weight. I'm not saying that appearance is important. But if you want to approach her, you will want to have something you are hapy about. And body appearance is the best first step to make since you wouldn't be involving others. If you approach her while being all sorrowful, in general people will go away ( for real life that is) nevertheless, do find her.

Me too ,man.don`t worry .U will be OK.