Straight up! My childhood wasn't good at all. I learned the wrong things so I did the wrong things! Confused of what I've seen and been through my teenage years I spent them drunk, high, or just tripping out. I got lost in drugs real bad! I started to see and hear things that weren't they're. Got to the point when I was going to kill myself and have attempt to! I'm alive so I made it but now life brings much more challenges! I drank roach poison, Clorox, over dosing, and even attempted to cut but never did! One day I felt my death near, again, I was on drugs! I can't sleep these voices didn't leave me alone till I said I NEED HELP! I called a suicidal hot line. They immediately send me to the hospital. I went from they're i went to a mental hospital where I learned alot! I was stuck thinking life couldn't get any worse till I heard other stories! My eyes opened! I try my best not to black out again! I was abused and raped as a child!
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Thank you for telling your story. Are you getting better?

No problem. I'm glad your doing well