I Miss Her.....

It's been 1 month,13 days,15 hours and 30 minutes since she left me....every second has been filled with pain,I miss her...I miss her smell, I miss her hair in my face when we slept, I miss when she annoyingly tickled me just to hear my obnoxious laugh, I miss the horrible meals we used to cook together, then get take out because it was just nasty, I miss the crappy music she listened to, I miss the conversations, I miss being around her, I miss her voice, I miss waking up to a phone call from her, I miss talking to her on my lunch breaks, I miss the nagging, I miss her eyes, her cute little nose, I miss her laugh, I miss her smile....the other girls I've dated are nothing compared to her, I actually loved her, I even waited until I was sure to say those words.... I want her back but she is happy with the other guy...yet she says she misses my voice,and my company but still says she doesn't want me back...wtf does that even mean......the only girl I've truly loved loves someone else... I'm in a lot of pain writing this, it hurts to think about this ****...I dont just mean emotional pain either,I mean physical pain too..
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Update to this story** I recently met up with her to talk. I opened up with telling her she's a horrible person and she surprisingly agreed with that statement. We talked for a couple of hours, then I told her that this would be the last time we spoke or saw each other again. As I gave her the last hug I will ever give her,I saw tears form in her eyes, she said she'll miss me even though she's happy in her current relationship. Those tears didn't flow, instead she hid them..I still love her but realize it's useless to fantasize about being with her again,I deserve better than what she offered me.

I'm sorry. There really isn't much you can do. The only method Im trying to use is repeatedly saying "he left me to have a better happier new life" I should be glad for him but regardless I've been left behind. It's his fault. I've done nothing to deserve this other than perhaps cant fulfill his desire. Or we are just not meant to be. So it's okay to be sad. I should be alright. Im not alone. And it's his lost. That's what I told myselfnlikemmrecording tape..

Yeah I try to think the same way,but I get angry at myself sometimes and just forget to remind myself to think better about the situation, what sucks is that I want her back and her telling me she misses me and cares about me yet still likes the other guy a lot, makes me think,for a split second,that she'll come back to me, but I know that isn't going to happen because she's told me that as well, it's really confusing me

i see.. face the horrible truth. dont waste time thinking of her.
I wanted to still fantasize. but it only brought me sadness afterward. either way. thinking of her or not will still make you sad.
be cruel to yourself. there is no hope left to be with her ;(