Feeling Betrayed

I have spent the past 15 years giving, sacrificing my own happiness to please others, when my step daughter came and told my husband she was pragnant
he was furious, i supported her and helped with the baby, i fell in love with my grandson and have been taking care of him from the day he was born i even let the ex wife be part of our lives because i wanted my grandson to feel loved and secure, my other step daughter just got married a few months ago and i took a back seat with the wedding, it was her day so when she wanted both parents to walk her down the isle i talked my husband into it!! also talked my husband into giving a substantial amount of money towards the wedding... for 15 years i have put those girls first sometimes at the cost of my own sons and my happiness, so now they are not letting me see my grandson, i miss him like crazy, my heart is so broken, and i feel so hurt and betrayed and my husband is not doing anything about it, which to me is just another betrayal....i am getting bitter and depressed!!! and all of this is over jelousy!!! i can't wrap my head arround using a child!! like this!!
thank you for letting me vent i just feel like no one understands!!! My grand son isĀ  5years old and we spent 3 to 4 days a week together!!
lovesmusik lovesmusik
Jan 15, 2013