Yesterday a good friend of mine sat and talked with me for a good long while. It just kinda happened, she knew something was wrong, because she could always read me but just had never had the time to ask me about it because she devoted it all to her boyfriend. But she broke up with him recently and wanted to talk to me about. She was giving me a ride home from track when we decided to stop in a parking lot just to talk, we went back and forth venting for a while until the windows of her car fogged up and and if it weren't for the light we were parked under I couldn't see her in the dark. afterwards she texted me and said she felt a lot better after talking to me, and that if I ever need someone to talk to she was ready to listen; and I really think she means it. I'm not ready to tell her everything because I don't want to push her away but its a good start and it relieved a lot of stress.

Hope this encourages someone to do something similar
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That is so good, just being a great listener and there for others is a wonderful relief. And you were blessed to hear a good word in due season. Wonderful, happy for you...