It's been a year since I graduated from university. Now I am helping out my parents in their jobs; my dad's a lawyer (I help in his office sometimes) whilst my mum is a teacher (I help in her research papers). My parents are pushing me to take law and follow my dad's path. I want to, but I'm afraid. I fear that I am not prepared for another degree, especially in law where you have to read and read... and honestly, I'm not that fast of a reader, but I love it and enjoy it a bit.

2 days ago, I heard my parents talk about me... they said it would have been better if I applied to a massive, known company so I can make my OWN money and I could travel overseas like my best friend who travels in and out of the country as is required in her job. My best friend also gets to buy expensive luxurious stuff, which I could not as I only get an allowance from my parents.

Now I feel hopeless. I feel that I am not useful to my parents, and I hate myself for being such a coward... I know there is no reason to be afraid to study again and aim for something prestigious but I can't help it... both my mind and body are shaking and nervous at the thought of failing... and further disappointment to my mum and dad.

I'd love to talk to my friends but they have no time. They're all too busy with their lives. And there's no one I can really run to for some advice. Since that time I heard my parents talk about me until now, I cry every day, hoping for a different kind of life, praying for strength to overcome my fears.

I hope there's someone over here who can help me.... Please... I just need someone I can talk to.

Thank you. :')
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The Bible says in Proverbs 3:5,6 Lean not unto your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct you path.