A Disowned Disappointment

having been sad or crying at least twice a day for the last few years, I have never really had a reason to... until now, actually be sad.
Having left home because of the constant disapproval of my parents, I moved in with one of my good mates and his girlfriend. from day one i was treated as they had done me a massive favour and treated me as a guest, not a paying house mate. my mate having blamed most of his **** on me gave me a bad look and when the day came that their drug money ($450) went missing, it seems logical to blame me? after being quite frustrated at the idea of being accused, it was decided that it must have been me who took the money. no evidence, just their gut feeling despite the fact I hadn't touched it!!!

to cut a long story short, my friends all disowned me, my parents are constantly disappointed in me for reasons beyond that of rational human thought and I crave a girlfriend! someone to constantly validate my existence. I have almost no one and this website to talk to about my problems.
I think its a bit pathetic? opinions?
notmadeforthisearth notmadeforthisearth
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Well I do believe in God and pour out everything to him but let me tell you God does not always answer your prayers. I've been lonely for a very long time but one way or another people leave my life not enter as I pray for.

Iwant to encourage you to to cast every single burden on the only one that will ever love you unconditionally, the Lord Jesus. He is there for you, He is waiting for you to just pour every burden, every hurt, every frustration, every awful feeeling out to Him. The Bible says the mind that is fixed on Him, He will keep in perfect peace. Pour everything out to Him and allow Him to fill you up with His love and His wisdom...He loves you. God bless...

i appreciate the thought but i'm an existential nihilist. i don't believe in a god