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Everyone thinks my life is so grand based of my looks ... NO !! it really isn't .. DAY TO DAY I'm alone .. I'm the only child .. trying to something with my life .. NONE of my friends are real .. they always end up stabbing me in the back .. I've been physically abused by my ex .. and everyday he mentally ***** with my brain .. its ignoring .. My mother is always busy with work.. My father passed.. I'm just lonely I have no one on this earth that absoutle cares for me ..and it hurts ... to know that your not loved .. or never will be ..
sewiinxo sewiinxo 18-21, F 70 Responses Jan 16, 2013

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try to get protective shield first by changing your own ability into capability.uptil then do not bother about anything you come across. it may be knowledge,art,or hobby

i totally understand you, and I feel the same since my boyfriend passed away...
Sames, based on my looks, outfits,... everyone thinks my life is perfect, but it's just not... many of my friends turned into frenemies and i feel so alone and I'm so done with everything

When we get to know someone closely, we totally ignore their appearance as we who we are dealing with. It is important we get too know one before we make important decisions in relationships. We fall in love for the wrong reasons perhaps.
I hope you find help so that you can discuss your issues perhaps you mum or a close family friend/relative.

Looks will never bring happiness, as you know, and people are terribly callous to suggest that. I'm sure your mother loves you. I am an only child with an only child. I would want my daughter to come to me if she was sad. Talk to your mom. If your ex/boyfriend is mean to you, cut off contact. You will be happier for it, trust me.

id love to be friends as soon as we get past how hot you are

I am sorry to read this about you pain and being alone,I think that in time you will find some real friends that will not stab you in the back.At least I hope so people these days can be mean and hateful for no reason at.I guess it is cause they are treated bad at home.I hope things do get better for you.

never is a long time sewiinxo... be open to the opportunity... be ready even to pursue the special chance!

hey, im sorry to say life sucks a lot of the time for most of us, but its up to us to make the most of it, youve not been having a great time and feel like crap, something we can all relate to, but learning how to deal with it and forging your own path through life is something we all have to do ourselves, sorry theres no shortcuts, dont get me wrong you have my sympathy. but my sympathy alone is not going to solve things for u.
be true to yourself, get on and do the things you want to and it will come soon enough, mix with like minded people , and one day you may just look back at how your feeling now and see it as part of your life not the whole of your life. good luck

If your friends are not real that is not your problem. If your ex abused you then he or she is the one who is wrong what you did with him or her was when you were in love and when one is in love all the actions done by them are never wrong so do not ever feel guilty.
Everyone on this planet is alone and always will be alone you my love do not need anyone to keep yourself happy and since you have had an ex you will find anyone if not someone to keep yourself entertained and happy so not worry about that and if true love is what you seel adopt a stray animal and love it and feed it it will love you and that love will be true.

No matter what phase of life we're in, or what has happened to us in the past, the only person that can give us true comfort, hope, courage and joy is Jesus - not the perfect spouse or the perfect career, or the perfect life - even if there was such a thing. So I encourage you to let Jesus into your life and you will see that no matter what you face in life, Jesus will always stay by your side as a friend who sticks by you closer than a brother. God bless you girl :)

I guess life's big secret is that we all feel alone. We all feel insecure when we are alone in the dark. I think sometimes just doing something to help someone can make you feel so much better - a tourist lost staring at their map on the street. Being unselfish can be such a good thing. Lets in a little light that brightens you up from the inside. Reading your story made me care for you so much. I bet I am not the only one!

u arent lonely. i can talk to u hours and help u . u are loved or u will be . im ur true friend. ok ? my skype id: mohammadmahdi14
love to see u laughing

i m also having this prob can we share our pain


who we are , and how we carry ourselves on the outside can mismatch, how we look however is an even poorer description for who you are. Fashion is one thing, carrying yourself with pride in a garbage bad can still beat fashion just because you radiate how good you feel. Most people are clueless about this and you've had to experience snap judgement based on nothing. This will always be true in gets easier if you surround yourself with people that are not so blinded, and help those you already like to understand you, if they can't well your call, if they can, nothing lost.

To know you will never be loved? That's a broken heart of a desperate soul speaking. You deserve to be loved just like everyone else, give yourself the time you need to find and recover yourself before you chase love again.....I sure as hell needed it when I jumped out of a terrible relationship myself. I felt just like that, despair, everything was just worthless and pointless. Just promise yourself you set a future and go there to look at the horizon again in a year or a few years. You'd be surprised how much things can change...and let's be honest.....getting worse is less likely isn't it?

u just nid new friends, and i mean not the obvious ...lighten up there r gud people out there u just nid find them :)

let me be your freind then even if its just online. you dnt need fake pple in your life.

hey dont let urself go down... u just work hard nd focus on career ... nd wait for sum tym everything ll be fine....

Baby don't let yourself go down that dark path of despair, you can get into all kinds of things to make you feel better about yourself, what are things Don't worry about love, it will find you when you least expect it too...I could offer you what you need but you are in a fragile state and now is not the time to bring it up, you wanna talk? let me know!

Psalms : when my father or my mother forsake me the Lord will take me up!
Jesus is a faithful friend who will never leave us or forsake us,...

Don't be overwhelm with this zeal of loneliness,to be lonely is good but not to large extent.In my own world of things,i prefer to be known to myself rather than putting my trust in shallow friend.

Well, I do feel lonely too. And yes i agree that if we share our problems with our close friends, let it out, makes us feel better.

I'm sorry, your still young, things will get better for you

I feel the same way. I am fortunate enough to have my mom, but thats about it. I have never been able to identify with anyone and I feel like an afterthought, almost to the point where if I died, nobody would even notice or care that I'm gone. Hope you are able to connect with someone sometime soon because if you feel like I think you feel, than it takes away the purpose of even living.

Good lord I couldent agree with you more I have no real friends and have a bad outlook on making any real new friends what am I to do

Everyone has their own problems. Try to pity 'everyone' who provides criticism based on your appearance. They don't realise the specifics of your life and your problems and will concoct some baseless image in their mind of how it must be. For them you are complaining about problems that they couldn't believe they could possibly have if they looked that good...

One day you might find someone who loves you, but you know what, its not guaranteed, you are not entitled to anything, and people have to work what they get in life. you aren't entitled to being loved or wanted or anything. Sorry, but its true. Be grateful you are pretty enough that this work is easy for you...

Your mother is throwing herself into work because she can't deal with you? Confront her about it, resolve the problem... or learn to become independent from her.

You are finding your ex is a *****? Cut him off completely and don't be afraid to resort to violence - big strong men are suddenly very weak when you are twisting the ears off of their head or tearing their noses off. If he attacks you, as the woman, you are well within your rights to fight dirty and give him serious, even crippling injuries... I envy your humanity that you can bear to not kill such a man.

You are finding it hard to meet genuine people? Stop judging people by their appearances, try and meet more men - generally they are too socially inept for backstabbing etc. also you can find a pool of guys for dating this way. men don't have the same problems around this that women do...

good luck.

You must live another day then another....If you keep on entertaining this in your mind, you could ruin your life. You have had a bad experience, but, it does not have to dictate to you who you are going to be, and how you react in the future, if you let it go, forgive yourself, and start to heal inside.

I always hate to hear stories like this... I'm an only child too so I'm no stranger to loneliness, but you just have to find a way to fill that void every now and then. I know how it feels to be abused by people you think care about you, but you know what? You can't let that get to you. Hate to sound like that "sticks and stones" guy, but it's kinda true. You just have to live every day without worries or fears. Just enjoy your life, do things you want to do. Be yourself... and you'll find that you may have more real friends than you'd think. If you're anything like me, the more time you spend thinking about stuff like this, the worse you'll feel. So get out there! We're not all bad people... You're definitely not alone

Look, we all got problems. Everyone feels lonely. The point is you have to learn to be comfortable alone before you can be happy with anyone (even just friends).

I agree!

I feel the exact same way!!! my ex also abused me and continues to mess around with my head and my feelings the only thing that stopped were the physical beatings since i moved. I have hope though that there is someone for everyone and one day we will all be loved including me and you!

sad that there are so many people out there that are abused as well as abusers. It really makes me sick that neither of you was treated properly. But I am glad you are both away from scum like that.