The Ups And Downs Of Life

The Ups and Downs of Life

Life is filled with so many, just so many up and downs. Hurts, dissapointments, worries, fears, that can lead to anxiety. Oh I want to so encourage each one that may read this. I want to encourage you as I so often encourage myself to forget about ourselves and magnify the Lord and worship Him. Just to forget about ourselves and magnify the Lord and Worship Him. I find when I am not on my mind, and become others centered, which is easier somedays than others. Those are the days I feel best. I find when I remember to pray each morning when I get out of bed to be a blessing to those around me, to be a good listener, to be sensitive to the needs of others around me, these are the days I feel the best. The enemy just wants us to be so bombarded with our own thoughts of discontent, loneliness, insecurities, self centeredness, He wants to keep us inward and I find when I look at loneliness as a result of all those listed and where it really comes from, I can by God's grace rise above it. Daily this can be a battle, but I find by committing my day to the Lord and asking Him to use me those are the best days, Oh I pray that this comforts some.....
myhubby11 myhubby11
Jan 17, 2013