I Am Desperate

I am very lonely at the moment, my relationship has ended, I don't have many friends, I seek comfort online but I know my life outside is very empty, I work in a bookstore which is very quiet which doesn't help. I am so down at the moment, I take pills for my depression, I know it is not a bad spell as even when I was in a relationship he was social and I was not I couldn't bring myself to interact I find it very difficult to know what to say.
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3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

I know what that feels like. I had a relationship that lasted a few years longer than it should have, and I think one of the biggest reasons was that I was truly afraid of letting her go, as she was my only friend. Now that we are no longer together we are still close, but live in different states. Currently I too lack friends (I lacked them before I met her too) and spend a lot of time on the web. I do productive things like read and play guitar and exercise, and I feel good about those things, but I still often feel lonely, as though a big part is missing from my life. I think that there is only one real solution, unfortunately. You have to face down your fears and seek what you want. Perspective and faith are great; they will get you through the tough times with a smile on your face, but in the end you have to make the change you want in yourself or you won't be happy. Easier said than done (trust me, I know), but we have to try.

Just know that many people, including me, feel similarly and are rooting for you.
Reach out to someone, make a friend. You won't regret it!

Things always get better..sometimes you gotta wait for your happy ending. Thats what I tell myself.
I recently came out of a relationship and it hasn't improved yet. Still lonely as ****! I try stay positive.

I'm sorry you're feeling like that. When a relationship ends, it's hard enough. Whenever I feel lonely, I embrace it. I really let myself feel that emptiness. Sometimes I'll cry, sometimes I'll scream, sometimes I'll just be silent. I take that time to think of everything I've accomplished, and tell myself that even though at this moment I feel as if I have nothing, I still have everything. I hope you cheer up. I know I probably sound like the cheesiest optimist in the world, but truth is, we are more alike than you know.