Nobody Will Ever Want Me.

I am nothing. nobody has ever shown me real love. Not even my parents. I was always an afterthought. I have no one who cares about me.

what is the point? why am I here? is there a better place?
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when u r depress and sad u will always think there is no one in the world who wants or care about u but there r ppl who does and u just dont notice them... :)

my parents didnt either

but tommorrow can be different

I think you are being very hard on yourself.

Antina,I feel the same way you do so maybe we should get together so we can be lonely together.

Hi antina

Please believe that you are not alone. Many of us feel the same way. I know I do. Honestly, I believe that most people are inherently self-absorbed. As long as you are talking to them about themselves or something that is of interest to them, then they are interested, but, rarely ask about you. That has been my experience and I have just accepted that as reality. However, know that you matter and that you are not an afterthought. You are here for a reason-there is a purpose. Perhaps you have yet to discover it; perhaps you are on your journey to discover, but, believe me, there is a purpose. This loneliness/depression thing is not fun. I have been in an out (mostly in) for years now, but, for some reason, I always have hope. One that I can tell you is that it will get better.

Thank you for your kind thoughts, they do help. are not alone. We are all here for similar reasons...

Just because someone does not want you doesn't mean that no one will. Your parents were selfish. They are the bad ones, not you. Things will get better!

I too was unwanted,I was described as "The war accident" as I was born at the end of the second world war,but we are no "accident" you have to believe this,we are on this earth for a reason,we have a destiny to fulfill,your presence on earth makes a lot of difference even if you do not realise or believe it yourself,it appears to me that you suffer badly from depression,please see your doctor if you have not already done so,depression is an illness you cannot deal with on your own as you know it is a chemical imbalance in the brain that need correcting and monitoring,once this is done you will be able to see things in a different perspective but now everything appears hopeless to you,there is a site you could look at "beyond blue" google it,it could give you support and help.Take care.

I am an afterthought to a lot of people as well. i dunno a lot of people seem so wrapped up in their own life to bother with me much. I am thinking of moving to another area maybe this is something for you to consider too, or you could try some courses on things you enjoy just to get out there, and see life!! Good luck!

Oh people will want you and esp here as you spend more time here you will get to know people.This is a place to make friends .