No Real Friends

*Names are not real names of characters

I'm just a simple normal teenager: 5'2" 90 lbs., brunette, with tan-like complexion. Guys always have a crush on me, my friends say I'm cute...wait, scratch fake friends say I'm cute.

I had my first best friend when I was in the third grade. I had two best friends *Abby and *Nancy. We do things together, we help each other, we were like triplets. Until financial problem strikes, I was forced to move to a public school. And that's where my fake friends appeared.

Fourth grade: I was a new student, put up at one of the highest sections in school. That's where I met my third best friend, *Carla.

Fifth grade: The simple and sweet girl, *Angel

Sixth grade: *Samantha and *Riley

Seventh grade: *Grace and *Emmy

Eight grade: *Irene


Abby and Nancy go to different schools now, and we don't know each other anymore since we never had communication.

Carla and I now go to the same high school, and she's changed...a lot. Now, she's this proud varsity player who snobs at me every time I smile or wave at her when we meet.

Angel goes to my school too, but she became just like Carla. Snobbish and flirty.

Samantha and Riley were bad influences, they're both fraternity members, started drinking at the age of 12, and they cut themselves. One time, they tried to convince me to drink with them, I refused. I turned around, walked away, and I never saw them again.

Grace and Emmy were both the popular girls in our class. But they make fun of me.

Irene can be the sweetest girl ever. Ask anybody in our class. But now, she just avoids me for some unknown reason.

Now, tell me, who among them stayed?
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

I know exactly how you feel. Just recently I lost my best friend from 4th grade and 6 other friends along with her. For the past 2 weeks my "friends" have called me names and bullied me. My mom has told me to just move on, but how can you just make new friends? I now have trust issues and I can't tell the difference between a real friend or one who is just using me.
But I keep my head held high every day because I know that if my old friends see me sad it would give them the satisfaction they've always wanted. I have sat alone during lunch for two days, too afraid to find new friends. But I'm sticking it out. It is hard and a lonely life, but I know that we are young and there is so much more past this. Yes they we're our friends, our best friends even, but people change and sometimes change can be good. You've given me hope because I see that this is normal and people do go through this stuff every day. So together, people like you and I will find new friends and we will be able to move on with our lives. Just don't give your old friends what they want: to see you hurting.

I know how you feel. Like not even the ones that shouldnt be mad at me arent talking to me. And I too have found a new best friend and I find it hard to trust her. Which isn't fair to her. She hasn't done anything yet, and I just have to pray that she wont. Trust is something people are going to have to earn from me now. And thats all because of 4 selfish girls.