What's A Girl To Do?

When you lack worldy experience, how do you even begin to engage in an interesting and lasting conversation with anyone? Meaning, you don't have the time or finances to do things fun, or maybe all this time you depended on a companion to give you that purpose or interest to do those things (the conflicting situation for the loner), to give you something to talk about. Maybe you're not proud of where you are in life, though you do want friendship or a loving relationship and in the end, choose not to be open in fear you will be judged and misunderstood. I say those things because i'm that individual. I'm a loner not by choice, but circumstance. I have always longed for atleast one true "friend", I just never knew what to say when the opportunities came and that was very awkward. I know you're suppose to be whole before you enter any relationship but I need a hug and "got-damn" push... out my door, so I can go out and have fun and be the social butterfly I know I am underneath the shyness. I would definitely be a great friend to someone because of the person I am.
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Hi, just flicking through and i empathize for you. I fully understand how hard it is to make friends, you seem to be quite like me before where you've been unlucky in the field of making friends for no apparent reason. I'm not sure if you're looking for friends here, words of compassion or just a few listeners but I'll chat with you if you like.
Feel free to add me and hope you feel better.

Hi :)
It is simple if you do not have stories to tell then you can not be a novelist bout you can always be an audience.
T o get one good friend like you seek you need to make many friends and that is possible only when you talk to people so the next time you go out start talking to people from what i read your only problem is your shyness which is easy to deal with and you ned not worry at all.

just feel like reading myself here. getting further from social group nowadays.

add me as a friend and I am always hear to listen

You shouldn't be shy. Maybe even try to be someone else and go down to the local var one night !!! I bet you will find someone