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I hate always being "that guy." Ever since I was young ive always been the guy who was great to have as a friend, but only when it was convenient. If I ever talk to a friend its because I call them. If I ever hang out with a friend its because I organized it. In every relationship ive been in its always been about the other person. Even with my friends now I never hear from them out of their own free will. I want someone who will will text me or call me on a whim because they want to talk to me or see me. I want someone who can pull me out a slum when im down. I hate making my problems known to others but wish I knew someone who would want to know anyways. I want to have the selfless friend for once.lol
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I stopped doing it. Stopped organizing hangouts, giving calls, stopped being the one who initiates a conversation. Result? I am almost friendless now. No one to talk to over phone or hangout with on weekends. I don't know whose fault is it? Mine for caring so much in the first place or mine for now stopping it. Those whom i cared about, now have their own lives, which i am not a part of, and here i am ... dragging myself to start it all over again....tired and alone.... but chin up, they say..well what else we can do? May be choose better people.. but where are they? No idea.

i understand.lol. My main problem is that im not a very outgoing, friend seeking kind of guy. I really try to keep my friendships in check but its hard.

I am outgoing, and it is not much use. When people are not responding, they just won't. And you, after a while, feel this urge to talk to someone, cause of your mere nature, but there is no one to talk. And we just sit there, thinking, what did i do to not have friends? Some time ago, it was the easiest thing to have.

It sounds like your always the good person, always there for people when they need you. Thats awesome though and props to you. Its sad though that you don't get that in return. Friends should be mutual. Maybe if you don't talk to them for a while maybe they will realize how much you meant to them.

Sadly we all know that doesn't work ;) But thanks alot for saying that :)

Wow, I can honestly say I can relate, even with a group of the closest friends I've had.. I always had to initiate things or try to get them to set up something so I'm involved. I know how it feels, id deff be your friend :)

Sounds good blues :) thanks.lol