It's Just A Downer

It seems like others got what they want. It always seems like people that i know have a smooth well-being life. Why can't it be me? To realize that others are better than me not only brings me down but me being angry and helpless at the fact that that can't be me is bringing me more down. I just want to strangle someone in anger and just scream in the face why can't it be me? There's no answer or exit from this endless depression.

When i look out the window, i feel so heavy that i can't handle breathing more of a second. I know those some people underneath the big sky that they'll stay happy and wouldn't even have to think about what i'm now thinking! It makes me so angry and making me bulge with this poision inside me that through facebook or any kind of media, if i see people that are just living life without to feel pain just by thinking about things, makes me sad. I mean even i don't care, i know that they are there and staying well. I have decent dreams when i sleep which is better than the reality. I just want to stay in my dreams.
alexthestrange alexthestrange
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

Not to mention i'm alone all the time in my room. I don't go out or anything.