I Am Lonely And Sad

I am making 23yrs next month on the 27th, when i was 18years i met a guy that was a few years older then me, we dated for 4years in 2011 we broke up, he left me for another women. i was so desperate to fall inlove again, i then had a friend lets say an online friend we both live in Namibia but different towns we used to send each other messages and all that then we started dating from April 2011, what hurts me is i have never met this guy before, and its like he doesnt want to meet me, we have try to meet alot of times to meet but he always brings up an argument so we can cancel the plan, he sends me money every time and he asked for my families numbers and his so close to them. i have never met this men and i want to forget him i want to move on with my life i feel that i am soon going to be 23 and i want to have my first child when i am 25yrs old thats in 2015 but the problem is i still dont have a stable boyfriend. i am kind off like obssessed with this mysterious men that i have never met please help me i really really want to move on and forget this men.
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you souldn t try hard , but the online friend seems very nice you should ,talk to him and tell him why he wont see you maybe his shy or something , i was like this a time ago , i was feerring grils ,anyway i wish you best of luck , Reda from MOROCCO

Reda the problem is everytime i talk to him about it he gets angry i mean i dont know why he says i should have a lil faith in or hed say that i dont trust him you know. I mean i am really like him i have fallen for him but i just hate the fact that he has not tried to meet me and he doesnt call me nor does he pick up my calls and we only communicate via texing and emails.

i mean he treat me so special he spoils me and i feel bad at times coz his sends money my account and buys me things but we have never met he has not tried to meet me after all that he has spent on me... i mean what type of a men is he?

There is a lot of reasons for kind of this situation maybe because he feel that he is not good enough for you , but Since you know you are falling in love with him, , there should be nothing stopping him from seeing you. i ll be franckly with ya but my concerns he wont see you because maybe he is already involted with somebody else maybe married ,it s a situation not necessary yours you should make him to be honnest with you .

I always ask him to be honest with me and we are both the same age and he will be making 23 this month.... i dont really know what he is hiding....

I wish you beeeest of luck with you two i realy wish that ur story can be reality one day , this is something relative to both of you, and should figure it out

Reda i hope so too, i hope this story will be come true one day you know, like no more secrets and just meet and see how far we go.... Thanks for the luck i need it....

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