Why Arent People Responding?

Nobody on this site helping each other? I feel bad for the person who got a haircut donre wrong bcause the stylist was spiteful the one. Who cant get thier car fixed.I thought This was going to be a place of encouragement.wow.maybe some just want to vent.I just want someone to be sweet
notinvisable notinvisable
4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

People like to complain, but most of them don't like to listen to other's problems.

Most people on this site are very young, usually teens and early twenties. I find I dont have a lot in common with most. They are simply too young to help or give advice. Disappointing really, as I thought there'd be more older (over 25) people on here.

I am :) It is a place of encouragement, but don't forget that a lot of people are also at work during the weekdays. It's more busy during the weekends :)

Hi there, add me to your circle ;-)