Last night he asked me to cook for him... He had been complaining that he didn't have any cigarettes so I gave him money to go buy himself some (I don't smoke)... He whines at me to please go for him... So I tell him that I have to finish cooking his food first but that I will... He complains again about how long it will take me to cook... I finish cooking ten minutes later.... When i came back from the store with a pack of cigarettes he tried to start an argument about the fact that i didn't buy him two packs... When does the bullshit end??
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I hate to break it to you, but I don't think it'll ever end if you're with that guy. You're his maid, butler, cook, gofer, and you probably don't get paid for it, right? It's not likely he's going to change.

When you choose to leave him. Either that or take a stand, firmly, and lay down some ground rules about how you are to be treated.