Is There Anyone Out There?

I have resisted posting on here, but I am so depressed and lonely. I suppose it will get lost in all the other ones.
I am married but my wife and I haven't had sex for 3 or 4 years. I miss being close to somebody. The sex isn't that important I suppose but the feeling of having somebody close to you is.
Oh well.
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I do care for her. And there's my son. He's 3. It's not like she and I fight, because we don't. We say I love you, and kiss good night... but why does she go over to her family's house (we live down the street) while I'm at home? Why doesn't she snuggle up to me?
We were watching tv the other night, and some sexy thing came on... I can't remember what it was. She said "ugh" and changed the channel. I want to be desired, to be acknowledged.

I understand the why bother bit, but you obviously are bothered. I hope the medication and the counselling work for you, give them a chance at least. If you are really unhappy can you not just leave? I know, easier said than done.......

Thanks for commenting. I am depressed (but that's not the cause of the lack of intimacy). This depression actually just started recently, when I met a woman at work who I unfortunately developed feelings for, then she moved away, and hasn't talked to me since.
Anyways, now I am realizing the things I actually want, and I don't have. My doctor has prescribed some medication, and I'm supposed to talk to a counselor in a few weeks about my problems, but I'm still going to be facing them alone.
It's easy to say, just talk to your partner, but I'm afraid that even if I did, it's not going to be close. Two people can say "I love you" but if her response when you try to be romantic and intimate is "let me sleep" then why bother?

I am sorry you are hurting. It is difficult to bear your soul but there are plenty of us here just to llisten if you need us. I so know what you are going through.

Sometimes married ppl are the loneliest people there is. I was in a relationship and engaged, and I felt like the loneliest person going b/c of his control over me. And the sex was rough and I hated it. Try and connect on here with people who are going through the same thing or go to see people who can really help you. I wish you the best of luck xx

If I were you I would do anything to find out why that's going on and fix it.
It's worth it to be close to someone!
And I'm not even speaking about the rest here, just being close.